In the living room, sunlight and the gray textures of stone softly blend, warming the space and perfectly integrating natural elements. 
white fabric sofa
coffee table
white sofa
A clever touch is the small desk on one side, paired with a single chair, transforming into a reading or temporary work area. 
Adjacent to the living room is the dining room, where the family shares meals. Lighting candles enhances the atmosphere of everyday dinners.
black marble dining table


The black marble dining table exudes a sense of stability and nobility. Paired with all-black leather dining chairs, it creates a unified aesthetic and adds a touch of understated luxury. The black marble dining table makes the dining room particularly mysterious, imbuing every meal with a sense of ceremony. The textures of the black marble and leather complement each other, creating a profound ambiance.
The black marble dining table features a smooth surface that reflects a soft glow. The natural, flowing patterns of black marble occasionally reveal silver-gray lines, resembling stars in the night sky, adding an element of mystery and elegance.
Its clean and sharp design lines convey modernity and style. Whether for everyday dining or formal gatherings, this black marble dining table brings an elegant and solemn atmosphere to the space.
In the bedroom, natural light pours through the bay window, with shadows of trees dancing.
master bedroom
Coat hanger
The design of the elder’s room aims to create a quiet and cozy atmosphere. High-saturation home decor, art collections, and readily available books showcase the owner's refined taste.
elder’s bedelder’s bedroomelder’s room
The children's room maintains a traditional restraint, avoiding excessive trendy elements, and is filled with toys, music scores, and books beloved by children.
children bedroom
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