In the renovation of this house, the designer drew inspiration from the surrounding mountains, integrating the concept of mountains into minimalist design.
fabric sofa
The open-plan public space seamlessly merges the living room, dining area, and balcony, creating a unified space through the continuity of materials and colors. The overall effect is pure and clean, breaking the limitations of boundaries.
irregular  fabric sofa
The most striking feature in the living room is the irregular white fabric sofa. Its unconventional shape not only adds a touch of whimsy but also subtly echoes the mountain theme. The irregular white fabric sofa rises and falls like mountain ranges, adding a natural rhythm to the living room.
irregular  sofa
Every curve and corner of the irregular white fabric sofa is meticulously designed, breaking away from the rigidity of traditional furniture and providing a sense of freedom and fluidity.
irregular fabric sofa
The white fabric complements the minimalist style of the living room, creating a pure visual effect while offering exceptional comfort. Its spacious seating area makes the irregular white fabric sofa ideal for family gatherings or small get-togethers, offering ample room for everyone.
irregular white fabric sofa

white fabric sofa

coffee table


Behind the unified appearance lie various functional areas: the refrigerator and study are cleverly hidden. The dining area is efficiently designed with just an island counter that meets all daily needs. The wide countertop, featuring a blend of marble and stainless steel, exudes a simple yet sophisticated charm, perfectly suitable for dining, cooking, or afternoon tea.
dining area

island counter

The partition between the public space and the master bedroom is designed to emphasize separation rather than boundary. The bedroom follows the minimalist principle, with a brown leather bed blending into the grey and white tones of the room. The focus is on functionality and comfort, eliminating all superfluous decorations and retaining only essential functional items.

master bedroom

master bed

The overall design reflects the aesthetics of modern minimalism and pays homage to nature. The irregular white fabric sofa naturally integrates into this setting, becoming the soul of the space. It perfectly embodies the designer's ingenuity and love for life.

 Design Team | YiYe Design

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