“Good design is not just about looking beautiful; it's about enhancing the lives of users.”
————Don Norman
gray leather curved sofa
The house was originally a harbor and a place to rest. We wanted to make the design convenient for the owner to create a slower space for the owner to heal the owner.
The screen that enters the house, the water ripple glass and the simple and neat metal line collide with each other like a simple art curtain, dividing the space
curved sofa
As soon as you enter the living room, you can see the large gray curved sofa, with its graceful and smooth curves occupying half of the living room area. Even in a multi-person household, there is no worry about overcrowding. This piece of furniture not only holds a prominent position in the living room but also provides comfort and relaxation for multi-person families with its unique design and spaciousness
gray leather sofa
The gray curved sofa is upholstered in gray leather, showcasing both texture and exquisite taste. The soft polyurethane foam filling inside makes sitting on it even more comfortable, as if you're sitting on a cloud. This gray curved sofa, both in its appearance and comfort, is perfect, serving as an indispensable focal point in the living room.
gray curved sofa
The coffee table opposite the curved sofa creates a sense of orderly disarray in the space, guiding people's gaze and movement to meet different needs.
This gray curved sofa is not only the centerpiece of the living room but also an ideal gathering place for family gatherings, combining comfort and aesthetics.
coffee table

The use of warm lighting in conjunction with the bright and airy dining area adds layers to the overall environment, while the warm tones also evoke emotions.
dining table


A simple bedroom with a red bed, the bed as the visual core, to attract owners, sleep is the most healing way to slow down the pace of life and slow down the body


red bedroom


master bedroom

bath room

Space is not our final result, happiness is our unswerving design pursuit. Stand in the childs perspective to design with a silent way to care for children.
children bed

children bedroom

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