How to Place an Order?

At awcasa.com, our primary focus is on providing customized services, crafting products tailored to your individual preferences. Before placing an order, please follow these steps:

1.Browse awcasa.com and choose the items you like. You can click on "Wishlist" or the "Add to Shopping Bag" button to ensure easy access to them later.
2.After selecting all the items you wish to purchase, you can contact us through one of the following methods:
(1)Click "Chat on WhatsApp" on the product details page
(2)Click the "CHAT" button at the bottom right of the website.
(3)Click on your social media platform account in the upper right corner to connect with us.
3.Upon reaching out to us, we will respond promptly. In case of delayed response, you can leave your email, and we will get in touch with you as soon as we see the message.
4.As we specialize in customized furniture services, we will tailor the dimensions, materials, and offer suggestions based on your home layout and design style.
5.Once the details, quantity, and other aspects of the made-to-order furniture are confirmed, we will work with you to finalize the production timeline, payment methods, shipping options, and delivery address.
6.Additionally, we also offer in-stock products without the need for customization. You can directly contact us to place an order.

After confirming all the terms mentioned above, we will send you an email confirming all order details. Upon receiving the email and confirming your reply, you can proceed with the payment, and we will arrange for the production.

That's it! You have successfully placed an order in our site.

Would My Order be Delivered Together, If I Ordered Many Items?

Due to the customized nature of our furniture, with a production lead time of 35-50 days, we will maintain close communication with you to provide updates on the completion time of your products. We can arrange either partial shipments or deliver all items together based on your preferences. However, even for items intended for simultaneous delivery, due to considerations of volume and weight, they may still be shipped separately when reaching your location from the logistics center, resulting in multiple deliveries. If you need further information or have specific requests for your order, please feel free to contact our customer service team at any time.

How to Check the Production Status of My Order?

Made-to-Order Furniture Status:
We will maintain close communication with you, providing updates on the production progress of each product. Whenever there is a new development in the production process, we will promptly inform you until the production of the product is complete.

In-Stock Furniture Status:
After you place an order, we will inform you of the status of in-stock products through photos, videos, or other means. Once you confirm, we will either proceed to pack and ship directly or wait for shipment along with other products in your order.

How to Check the Logistics Status of My Order?

Before shipping, we will inform you of the courier company responsible for delivery and provide the tracking number. You can log in to their official website at any time to check the logistics status. Alternatively, feel free to contact us, and we will inquire about the latest logistics updates for you. Please note that due to variations in the volume, weight, and other factors related to furniture products, the logistics status may differ for each product.

Can I Change My Shipping Address After Placing an Order?

Please ensure you carefully review your delivery information for accuracy before placing an order.
If you need to make any adjustments, please contact our customer service team immediately to confirm the order status.
If the order is still in the "Production" stage, you can change the delivery address.
If the order is in the "Shipping" stage, we will attempt to make changes based on the carrier's services. Some carriers may require an additional address change fee. In such cases, we cannot guarantee success, and any additional address change fees will be the responsibility of the customer.
If the carrier cannot provide address change services, consider receiving the order at the original delivery address or contact the carrier directly for assistance.

How Do I Know If You Have Received My Order?

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email containing detailed information about your order, including product details, quantity, pricing, shipping method, and total cost. Please carefully review each item in the email. This email serves as a reference for any inquiries related to your order in the future, and it is advised to keep this email as your purchase proof.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your order. We consider your order officially received only after you confirm the accuracy of the information in the email we send. Please ensure that all details are correct before considering the order finalized.

How to Specify Special Requests for My Order?

Please contact our customer service before placing your order to confirm the feasibility of any special requests. If feasible, our customer service team will assist you in noting these requests within the order.

While we discourage modifications to products already ordered, if there is a need for changes not driven by special circumstances, please contact our customer service to confirm feasibility. Due to the customization of materials for our products, modifying an order may result in additional charges or delays and may incur cancellation fees. For more information, please refer to our return and refund policy.


How to Estimate the Delivery Date?

For In-Stock furniture, we will pack and ship within 5 days after payment is received.

For Made-to-Order furniture, the production cycle is between 35-50 days. We will dispatch the complete order once all products are ready. If you have specific requirements and need certain products to be prioritized for shipment, feel free to contact us anytime.

Our default shipping method is by sea freight, and the duration may vary due to factors beyond our control such as shipping companies, weather, political conditions, etc. You can contact our customer service at any time for order tracking.

Which Shipping Company Do You Use?

Hello, we collaborate with internationally renowned maritime logistics providers. This allows us to offer customers a safer, faster, and more reliable delivery service.

What Should I Do If I Receive Damaged Items?

We recommend recording a video of the package upon receipt to ensure a smooth resolution process. If you discover any damage or defects, please contact our customer service team with attached photos or video footage for us to address the issue.
Please reach out to us via email at support@awcasa.com

What Should I Do If I Receive the Wrong Products?

Please send an email to support@awcasa.com. In case you have received the wrong products, contact customer service and provide the following details from your order: what you ordered, what you received, relevant photos (of the package and the items), and the order number. We will address your issue accordingly.

What to Do If My Order Shows Delivered but Is Actually Out of Stock?

Please follow these steps within 24 hours of receiving the delivery notification:
Check your delivery area and inquire with other household members to confirm if they received the product.
Contact AWCASA customer service and simultaneously verify the shipment inventory with the logistics carrier.
Use your tracking number to contact the carrier and initiate a claims process.
We will handle the issue throughout and provide necessary coordination and assistance.
Sometimes carriers may notify delivery before the package actually arrives, so please wait for 24 hours.

If 24 hours or more have passed since the delivery notification and you still haven't received the complete order, contact our customer service with the claims number for additional assistance. If the shortage is confirmed, we will take responsibility and proceed with the next steps according to your choice.
To ensure the best outcome, please notify us of any order discrepancies within 3 days of receiving the products. After 3 days, post-delivery queries may be affected by uncertainties and could have adverse effects.


What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. For orders involving higher amounts, there may be risk management measures triggered for the mentioned payment methods. Therefore, we recommend confirming the most suitable payment method with our online customer service. Additionally, we offer payment options such as Telegraphic Transfer and Bank Transfer.


How to Confirm the Receipt of My Returned Items?

For returns, we recommend using a shipping service that provides tracking information and requires a signature upon delivery to ensure confirmation. Upon receiving your package, we will assess the item within 3-5 business days. Subsequently, we will provide either an exchange or a refund.
If there is no tracking number provided for the return, the customer will bear responsibility in the event of the carrier losing the items, and a refund will not be issued.

Received Defective Goods? What Should I Do?

Within 7 days of receiving your order, please inform us of any product defects. To do so, contact our customer service, attaching a copy of the original order confirmation, confirming the product number and quantity of the defective item, providing a detailed description of the issue, and offering clear pictures or video evidence showing the problem. Depending on the circumstances, we will provide an exchange or a partial refund according to your preference. Please note that manufacturing defects discovered after 7 days of receipt fall within the manufacturer's warranty scope.

Please be aware that awcasa.com is not responsible for compensating any labor costs or project delays that may result from receiving defective goods.

Using Your Account

What are the Benefits of Creating an Account?

Creating an account with Awcasa offers several advantages, making your shopping experience on our website more convenient. With an account, you can:
Receive regular updates on product information and promotional policies.
Add products to your wishlist for easy access and future purchases.
Pose questions or leave reviews about our products.
Track the current status of your orders as well as view details of previous orders.

Forgot Password?

To access your account, click the "Log In" button in the top right corner of any page. This will open the login popup window.
If you've forgotten your password, click the "Forgot Password" link next to the login button.
Enter the email address you used to create your account.
Click the "Submit" button to proceed.
We will then send you a link to reset your password.
Follow the instructions provided in the email to reset your password.

How to Change My Account Information?

Easily update your account information by visiting the "Account" section, where you can modify your password, email address, and subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletters.
After making changes, remember to click the "Save" button before leaving the page.

Price & Other

Coupon Guide

You can obtain coupons through various methods:

Subscription: Subscribe to awcasa.com and provide your valid email address on our website. You will receive an email containing a coupon code.

Sales: We offer coupon distribution promotions in various forms from time to time. Stay informed about our promotions, where you can access publicly available coupons on our website or receive exclusive coupons through email or social media channels.

Product & Other

Is My Furniture Suitable?

On our website, each item has detailed dimensions. Before placing an order, please check the dimensions of the product to ensure it fits appropriately. Please note that our product dimensions are measured manually, and there may be a deviation of up to ±0.79 inches between the actual product and the measured data. Measurement data is provided for reference only.