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The epitome of spatial perfection lies in the realm of architecture, as it does in its very essence.



Sitting in a 12 meter long living room space and dining area, surrounded by a 180 ° unbounded window view, the functional and aesthetic needs of the space are integrated from the planning and design perspective. The space adopts soft and elegant color tones to blend and connect, which is both pure and elegant, laying a natural and soft artistic background for the box of art, leaving us with the necessary blank and infinite imagination in the space.

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The corner by the window has become a dynamic artistic corner. When artistic aesthetics intervene in the space, breaking the single sense of limitations and imagination towards home, experiencing the fusion between space and art will ultimately become an important memory point for people in the spatial experience.

The passageway

An open kitchen that utilizes space to guide release and inclusion. By opening the space to achieve functional integration in daily life, the sliding invisible cabinet door ensures privacy and freedom of movement.

dining table


The cabinet has chosen a decorative color that blends with the spatial tone, which is low-key and introverted. At the same time, it also emphasizes the entry of natural light, which diffuses into the space by hitting the soft light finish, in order to achieve an unbounded connection between indoor and outdoor.


Wine cabinet

beauty curing time avoiding world

master bedroom



The reading room in the bedroom is set up along the window, immersed in the sunshine, and naturally becomes the best leisure place for homeowners. It has been completely transformed into a private exhibition hall, allowing people to escape from real life and completely immerse themselves in the self-expression of artworks. On a peaceful afternoon, with a cup of tea and a book, I sat back in a chair, letting the sun shine and enjoying the long time.

Window ledge.
Window Lounge Area

Inheritance and Perception of Art Collections

luxury bedroom

The ultra broad visual space, combined with artistic display forms, incorporates elements and textures with a contemporary cultural sense. Through the most direct visual experience, it breaks through the shackles of language and creates an artistic space that expresses strong touch and visual perception, integrating high-quality life experiences into small details.


Time is silent, time is long


black bedroom

An alfresco table.

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