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The modern style of decoration aligns with the aesthetic of young individuals, as they crave for a tranquil, spacious, and cozy home. After a busy and stressful day at work, coming back to a simple and comfortable abode can alleviate the weariness and soothe the restless soul.

minimalist livingroom


The main living room exudes an atmosphere of grand elegance with a modernist, highly rational design. Its open and spacious layout, characterized by a multifaceted arrangement of materials and a mix of various forms of soft furnishings, creates a dynamic and vibrant gathering space.

luxury Livingroom

Create a vibrant lifestyle
An integrated design blending dining and living spaces overcomes spatial constraints, enhancing both the illumination and aesthetic appeal of the home. While maintaining a sense of distinctiveness, the harmonious combination achieves an exquisite visual harmony, effectively distinguishing these two areas.

livingroom and kitchen



xpand the realm of possibilities in life.
Upon ascending the staircase, one arrives at the bedroom area of the dwelling. The generous dimensions and the brilliantly designed large windows ensure the master bedroom is infused with abundant natural light.

Master bedroom


The master bedroom is primarily focused on functionality, with subtle and elegant characteristics flowing throughout each area. It may not be stunning, but it exudes a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

The bathroom is adorned with dark marble, showcasing intricate natural patterns that cascade in all directions, seamlessly blending with the rising steam, imparting an elevated sensory experience.
Fully equipped with comfortable features. The children's room is predominantly decorated with a white color scheme, accompanied by green-colored walls and brown study desks, among other contrasting elements. The interplay between light and shadow creates a rich sense of depth.
kid’s bed
Create more imaginative
An essential and versatile space, with the same dark tones and intricate design, embraces the philosophy of "simplicity without complexity." Though humble in appearance, its true essence lies in the fragrance of virtue. Let my heart dwell in this place, for it is my true home.
To enhance the convenience for the elderly
In order to enhance the convenience of life for our aging parents, we have designated the ground floor as their living quarters, equipped with all necessary amenities to ensure utmost comfort.
Elderly housing
Elderly bed
A contemporary and modern home, showcasing the serene atmosphere amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. A abode designed not just for the sake of aesthetics but also for functionality and comfort. This is the true gem worth cherishing. 
Project Design: Zhen Jie Design

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