Living Room
The open design of the ground floor's hall, combined with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, not only ensures ample natural light for the entire living and dining area but also provides smooth flow lines and spaciousness.
coffee table

red sofa
The deep gray background wall contrasts strongly with the wine-red sofa, giving the space an excellent visual impact.
red leather sofa

blue sofa


Dining Room
The eye-catching blue velvet chairs immediately draw attention. The unique design of the blue velvet chairs adds a touch of freshness and elegance to the dining room, harmonizing perfectly with the tones of other furniture and creating a cohesive overall visual effect. Whether it's family gatherings for dinner or friends getting together for a chat, the blue velvet chairs become the center of communication and sharing, adding warmth and comfort to every wonderful memory.
blue velvet chair

blue chair

dining table

dining room

Study Room
Amidst the vibrant color blocks, the combination of red and white stands out, instantly capturing the viewer's attention and becoming the focal point of the space.
red armchair
The master bedroom is imbued with elegant tones. A calm and restrained atmosphere pervades the space, creating a tranquil retreat amidst the bustling city.
master bedroom
blue bed
In the bedroom's small study area, there is also a blue velvet chair. Like a serene ocean, the blue velvet chair blooms independently in the quiet space. Whenever sunlight streams through the windows and gently illuminates the study, the soft light falls on the blue velvet chair, warm and gentle.
blue velvet chair
blue chair
The art of light and shadow transcends into life, drawing strength from the poetic interplay of natural light and space, and constructing a fashionable style of high-quality living.
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