Stepping into the living room feels like entering an artistic realm, where a beige leather sofa is paired with a black leather recliner, creating a unique sense of beauty and comfort.





lounge chair

coffee table

A tea table is set up in the living room, catering to tea enthusiasts and collectors of tea sets. The dining table is adorned with rare and precious marble, complemented by white dining chairs and artisanal metal pendant lights, evoking an urban chic vibe.
tea table

dining chair

dining table

dining room
Adjacent to the dining area, a wine cabinet displays the owner's prized collection of red wines.
master bedroom



The stunning of the space is the cigar room, meticulously designed with a cedarwood cigar storage cabinet, ensuring optimal temperature and humidity conditions. The brown leather cigar chair exudes understated luxury in the space, with its curved design providing perfect support for the body, offering users an experience of ultimate comfort. Additionally, the built-in storage functionality of the brown leather cigar chair provides convenient space for storing essentials, making it not just a piece of furniture but also an art piece that adds a unique taste and character to the space.
brown leather cigar chairs

two brown leather cigar chairs


brown leather  chair
On weekend nights, sitting alone on the brown leather cigar chair, enjoying the prose of Haruki Murakami, the gentle tunes of jazz vinyl records, accompanied by a glass of wine and a cigar, one can fully immerse oneself in the moment.

brown leather cigar chair
In this captivating space, the brown leather cigar chair shines like a radiant gem, contributing to an atmosphere of luxury and understated elegance alongside other furnishings. May you fully enjoy the beauty of life in this space filled with taste and warmth, spending every delightful moment with the brown leather cigar chair by your side.

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