The white fabric sofa is complemented by the sleek modern living room design, where it encounters the black coffee table, creating a deep and elegant texture.
white fabric sofa
The white fabric sofa boasts clean and smooth lines, with a clear and neat silhouette, yet it feels incredibly soft to sit on, resembling a tofu block with its unique characteristics.
Paired with delicate wooden armchairs and some rustic small items, this wooden armchair complements the white fabric sofa perfectly, hiding softness beneath its rugged and neat exterior.
The design of the white fabric sofa is not only for practicality but also to create a relaxed and comfortable home environment.
white sofa
The dining room is an open space, with an integrated dining area, kitchen, and dining area designed for human interaction, openness, and freedom, creating a multi-functional dining place with emotional connections.
marble dining table
The dining chairs with dark wooden frames and beige cushions create a modern yet retro atmosphere, with the black marble dining table exuding elegance through its rugged exterior.
dining chair
dining room
dining table
The study is the owner's spiritual haven, where wooden furniture emits a unique woody fragrance, making one forget their worries.
The master bedroom's elegant tones and the mountain and river textures on the background wall create dynamic beauty, providing a sense of tranquility fused with nature.
master bedroom
bedside table
The children's room expresses boundless imagination, with a romantic atmosphere of pink exuding throughout the room.
children bedroom
In every corner of the home, we feel the designer's dedication, with the white fabric sofa, wooden armchairs, and black marble dining table... each becoming a witness to the happiness and laughter of the family.
Design Team | Taigorge Design
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