The open-plan dining and living area not only fulfills the need for social space, but also offers a comfortable sofa, a soft carpet, and a gentle sense of wrapping, with plenty of natural light filtering through the windows becoming soft.



As a part of family life, the white curved sofa embodies the emotions and interactions between family members, becoming the warmest corner of the home.

white sofa
The sturdy stone background wall contrasts with the soft beige tones and metallic textures, while the white curved sofa, seemingly casual, allows people to relax and unwind at home.
curved sofa
In the cozy atmosphere of the home, the white curved sofa features clean lines and distinct contours, giving a refreshing and modern feel. Its delicate fabric texture makes it soft to the touch, providing utmost comfort, making it hard to get up once you sit down.
white curved sofa
The white curved sofa brings brightness and lightness to the entire space, making one feel the warmth and comfort of home.
The family dining area, linked with the Western-style kitchen, features a white marble dining table paired with beige dining chairs, simple yet exuding the warmth of life.
dining room
The home environment, with its strong inclusivity, reflects one's own aesthetic of life.
dining chari
Transitioning from the living room to the tea-drinking area, the black wooden armchair creates a calm and steady atmosphere.
metal tea table

Experience comfort and elegance in the master bedroom, with plain blankets and cushions, presenting a luxurious texture in carefully designed proportions.


Entering the children's room, the ambiance becomes soft and playful, with green accents resembling the entrance to a dream.

children bedroom



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May 10, 2024 — Z Z