In the hustle and bustle of modern urban life, home is our sanctuary where we seek solace for our souls.
Furniture not only serves as containers of life but also as havens for our spirits.



coffee table
Designers seamlessly infuse art into every corner of our lives, subtly enhancing our surroundings.

Stepping into the dining room, one is greeted with modern elegance. The sleek black gold marble dining table exudes understated sophistication, its surface gleaming with a unique sheen of gold and black, akin to a precious gem. The metallic table legs add a touch of design flair, seamlessly blending into the deep brown tones of the dining room.
Seated at the black gold marble dining table, one feels as though a ceremony is quietly unfolding. Leisurely savoring delicacies, one can sense the warmth and tranquility of daily family life.
black gold marble dining table
Gathered around the black gold marble dining table, reunions with family become even more precious. Each meal becomes an extraordinary ritual, immersing individuals in the warmth and happiness of home.
marble dining table
The black gold marble dining table is not just furniture; it symbolizes the deep bond between family members, becoming an integral part of the home.
black gold marble table
Entering the tea room and sitting on the floor, all distractions fade away.
tea room

tea table


The master bedroom is adorned with deep, embracing earth tones, creating an elegant and tranquil sleeping space.




The brown leather bed symbolizes a sense of peace and security, with its classic elegance relieving the pressures of daily life and fostering a romantic and refined atmosphere.
leather bed

 Designed for the elderly prioritizes convenience and comfort, with its decor being warm yet dignified. The soft tones and high-quality bedding make the space feel both spacious and cozy.

boys room
The boy's room is a vibrant space bursting with imagination. Cartoon murals on the walls, colorful furniture, and functional layout design aim to ignite children's creativity and curiosity.

Design Team | PUHUI DESIGN 

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