Before finalizing the design plan, comprehensive consideration was given to break traditional design limitations, utilizing limited space to express diverse emotions and aesthetics, creating a cozy and elegant living environment.
The living room furniture is chosen with minimalist shapes, yet it reveals a touch of vintage charm through its textures. Among them, the black leather sofa stands out remarkably. Its square shape exudes a simple and elegant aura, presenting a robust yet steady appearance. On closer inspection, you’ll notice the aged textures of the black leather sofa, as if telling the story of time, with each line adding a unique sense of history and artistic atmosphere to the piece.
black  sofa
The black leather sofa not only makes a striking visual impact but also provides a soft and comfortable experience for its occupants. This design, which excels both inside and out, allows the black leather sofa to integrate various elements while maintaining overall harmony and unity, avoiding any sense of disorder.
It retains diverse elements while maintaining a natural connection through its vintage aged texture, making it an indispensable artwork in the living room.
coffee table

black leather sofa
Whether enjoying a moment of solitude or sharing warm times with family and friends, this black leather sofa offers the perfect support and companionship.
leather sofa

black leather sofa

corner table
Paying attention to every detail, from the marble lampshade to the petrified wood side table and the solid wood parquet coffee table, every piece combines art and design, showcasing unique taste.
dining chair
The choice of a Millard color scheme as the base palette, with warm browns, exudes a high-end, vintage aesthetic that reflects the owner's taste.
dining table
The living room seamlessly connects to the dining area, allowing for easy transitions between life scenes. The kitchen uses similar textures and colors to create a unified space, making every cooking experience enjoyable.
The master bedroom features a blend of deep and light tones, revealing a subtle sophistication in furniture selection. It doesn't adhere to one specific style but focuses on balanced proportions.


master bed



master bedroom

The grandparents' room features a large area of blank space on the background wall, paired with simplified elements and art paintings, presenting a contrast between simplicity and complexity.
grandparents' room
tea table
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