In this home design, a leisurely and comfortable lifestyle is meticulously showcased, aiming to let you fully enjoy the tranquil and cozy atmosphere of home. Each area is crafted to be a charming space, inviting everyone to collectively experience this relaxed and contented way of living.


white fabric armchair

The living room is conceived as a warm haven for family interaction. The combination of grey fabric sofas and white fabric armchairs creates a relaxed and inviting ambiance.
coffee table

grey fabric sofa

grey sofa

Interaction and companionship with family often occur in the dining room as well, hence the choice of a simple yet elegant white marble dining table.
white dining table

white marble dining table
It sets a casual and carefree atmosphere, complemented by the clever pairing of white marble with black leather dining chairs.
white marble  table
The white marble dining table stands out in this series with its unique charm. Its smooth and magnificent texture and patterns add an air of elegance and leisure to the entire space.
marble dining table
Moreover, the versatility of the white marble dining table allows it to seamlessly blend with any color scheme without compromising its own allure.
black leather chair
Whether for dining or leisure moments, such a white marble dining table adds a sense of comfort to your home, making each meal a distinctive experience.
white marble dining table
The master bedroom features a minimalist style headboard, with its staggered design enhancing the sense of relaxation and uniqueness, creating a tranquil and comfortable resting space.


master bedroom


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