The everyday yet exquisite details are the imprints that constitute vibrant living. The fusion of stone and warm wooden walls in the dining area reduces monotony, while the serene black tone exudes a romantic aesthetic, expressing the spatial aesthetic layers.


black leather sofa
The black leather sofa blends with the textured carpet, and the orderly floating shelves provide a place for cherished ornaments, adding a touch of vitality to life. The striking red petal chair stands out, breaking the monotony of life with its bright colors, showcasing ingenious design.
The eye-catching red petal chair shines like a flame, exuding warmth and enthusiasm.
red  chair
Its unique design and vibrant colors add vitality and vividness to the dull routine of life.
Sitting on the red petal chair feels like being immersed in a warm sea of flowers, bringing joy and relaxation to the mood.
red petal chair
The red petal chair embodies a lifestyle attitude, symbolizing passion, vitality, and joy.
The dining area with a marble dining table and semi-leather dining chairs, serves as an invisible link connecting the seasons' splendor.
dining chair
dining table
In the master bedroom, the combination of red and black-gold is neither contradictory nor heavy. Sunlight streams through the windows, casting a warm glow over the headboard. .
master bedroom
master bed
The black, white, and gray tones serve as the main color scheme in the guest room, enhancing the overall texture with details and adding beauty to the collision of materials
second bedroom
The children's room is themed around space exploration, with gradient blue walls and trendy metal figurines, as if immersed in the vast galaxy.
children bedroom
children bedroom



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