The layout of the living room, distinct from conventional design, features an enclosed arrangement, emphasizing the interactivity of space, providing a sense of relaxation and spontaneity. The use of materials focuses on showcasing their natural textures, while the color palette is understated yet elegant.


coffee table

The integration of the reception and living room creates a spacious lateral hall, enhancing interaction between spaces and catering to the dining needs of both leisurely stays and joyful gatherings, facilitating smoother communication among individuals.




Indoors, there is a dedicated tasting room adorned with sophisticated and refined wine cabinets and layout, exemplifying the occupant's taste and quality of life. It is a sanctuary where one can completely relax and unwind, whether it be with a few close friends or in the midst of engaging conversations with beloved family and friends, allowing time to fade away in blissful oblivion.

wine cabinet


The design of the living room in the house harmonizes with the overall ambiance, embracing natural elements and exuding an elegant atmosphere, creating a relatively intimate communal area for family members to engage in their daily communication and interaction.

luxury livingroom

white sofa

minimalist sofa

Please furnish the dining area with a circular dining table, dark-hued dining chairs, evoking a composed and serene ambiance. Additionally, incorporate a miniature garden landscape as a decorative element on the tabletop, portraying the essence of the Eastern charm.


The master bedroom features a seamlessly integrated indoor-outdoor design, allowing one to simply slide open the doors and step into the courtyard. This creates an exceptional living experience and a heightened sense of comfort. The lush natural surroundings provide a soothing and therapeutic ambiance.

master bedroom


The second bedroom also boasts a panoramic view and ample natural light with its floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior exudes elegance and refinement, while the outdoor setting is adorned with lush greenery, creating a picturesque ambiance. Residing in this space, one can truly indulge and delight in its beauty.

second bedroom


Design Team | Yifan Li , Fei Fan, Luting Bao , Beiyuan Tang , Lina Jiang 

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