lounge chair

In this fast-paced world, time flows through our fingertips like flowing water, leaving every trace as if it were a voiceover, echoing uncontrollably in our lives. Every step of the footsteps creates subtle touches with every inch of the surrounding space, just like delicate ripples gently rippling in the air, touching the heartstrings.

luxury livingroom

Through carefully designed scene transitions, the feeling of returning to home is deeply felt in every corner and crevice, allowing every visitor to feel the warmth and inclusiveness of home. When night falls and prosperity comes to an end, that warm light illuminates the journey home. Here, functionality and aesthetics are combined, and scenes are integrated with daily life.


dining table


water bar
bar stool

Entering this open space, the living room, scenic area, and dining area are integrated into one, presenting a grand and dignified posture before your eyes, yet maintaining a unique independence.


coffee table

coffee table and stool


Various materials coexist harmoniously, forming a visual effect that is both unified and layered. Every corner, every detail, seems to be expressing an unconventional attitude towards life. The exquisite furniture complements the atmospheric base, and the color and form are perfectly continued here.

table and decoration


Walking into the bedroom, you can feel its warmth and comfort. Exquisite texture and color matching, from delicate textures to elegant color combinations, every detail is full of a sense of quality.





Beige bathroom

The interweaving of light and shadow is like a beautiful dance, bringing you visual enjoyment. And when you calm down, you will find that this place is not just a pile of materials, but also a manifestation of emotions. Mirror elements run through the entire wardrobe, like a dreamy landscape. It deconstructs and recombines, perfectly integrating virtual and reality, allowing space to grow freely under the mapping of light and shadow.


minimalist bedroom


Design Team | Lefthand Space

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January 11, 2024 — Z Z