Ningbo, the sub central city of the Yangtze River Delta, is the fourth largest port city in the world, prosperous and prosperous. Luxury houses are constantly updating and iterating to meet the needs of the current elite.


luxury livingroom

The design is based on the advanced aesthetic of urban modernity, shaping an international luxury style, and matching the artistic living space for the new generation of urban elites. Inspiring the power of urban aesthetics, hand-painted a new era of big flat life.

luxury livingroom

The migration trajectory of space shortens the itinerary of activities, and makes spatial relationships smooth, interesting, and fun, making a previously static level more exploratory.



The restaurant facing the observation balcony has excellent view and lighting. The flowing, coherent, and inseparable space, coupled with the atmospheric atmosphere of life, makes dining a beautiful expectation of life.

wine bar

Wine rack


The fashionable and minimalist color scheme, high-quality cabinet system and kitchen appliances, and clean, convenient, and fashionable kitchen space make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Spacious living room.

white sofa

Design is Emotional

master bedroom


The master bedroom is the crystallization of taste and quality, shaping a sense of luxury and comfort with the configuration of luxury hotel style suites.


The hugging background wall brings an intimate sense of enclosure, with a leather woven bed screen paired with sparkling desk lamps and chandeliers; The rich layers of leather, metal, and logs exude an introverted luxury, making people feel peaceful and respected.

children bedroom

children bed

The situational creation of a girls room relies on the equestrian movement to portray a small world full of adventures.

bedside tablesecond bedroom

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