On both sides of the reception area near the windows, the lighting is excellent, and the furniture arrangement adopts an enclosed form.

The classic Burgundy red sofa and Baxter's single chair collide wonderfully, creating an intoxicating color through the brewing of time, giving a visual impact. Freely navigating through the space, witnessing the overlap of romance and art.



red sofa

coffee table

The classical red velvet armchair elegantly conveys its classical charm, serving as the protagonist with a strong spatial aura, as well as a testament to the passage of time and ultimate romance. The natural color palette of the floor embraces tranquility like the peaceful embrace of the earth, recording the whispers of time and freezing moments of stories.

The white personalized palm chair is simple yet creative, as if carrying the aspirations and expectations of someone with dreams.

red velvet sofa

white personalized palm chair

A armchair

luxury livingroom

The jumping and calmness of white, red and black, are juxtaposed and inspire energy of flawlessness, depth and passion in each other, leading to an understanding of the opposition and unity of art.


Between the fields, every place is filled with stories, and every object has its unique language. They weave a dream together, a dream belonging to classical, art, and memory. In this dream, they whisper softly, recounting the past stories, and spending every twilight and dawn with their master.


The restaurant continues the romantic theme of the living room, with materials like red velvet, houndstooth pattern, and black marble colliding. As one sips a glass of rich red wine, images of picturesque scenes come to mind: the streets of Paris, the fields of Provence, or the vineyards of Bordeaux... These beautiful landscapes evoke endless romantic feelings in the owner's mind. 

dining table


The gauzy curtain sways gently, delicately swaying, ethereal yet tangible. Light penetrates through the curtain, dancing in a free and rhythmic manner, arousing a surge of rejuvenating energy and vitality. Sitting on the red-edged chair, shedding fatigue and casting off troubles, quietly savoring the beauty of life.

lounge chair

master bedroom

The white background gently encompasses everything, like the curtains of a dream. The charming red bed renders an atmosphere of the space, like roses blooming in vast snowy fields, passionate and delicate.
The paintings at the head of the bed, and the exquisite art pieces, were all carefully selected and brought back by the hostess during her vacation abroad. The hostess's profound appreciation for the taste of life has created this admirable collection of art.



The golden bronze hanging lamp purchased from the antique market, the delicate and compact clay tea side table, the lazy layered double carpet, the wallpaper of an orange rose garden, and the mural brought back from the art gallery...
They all give the bedroom an elegant and relaxed romantic feeling.
The hostess's yearning for a beautiful life is a belief and inheritance that leaps over the sea, but also a beauty that does not follow the usual rules. By carefully decorating, life becomes even more warm.

fabric sofa


office chair

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