Built a simple yet elegant world of silence
This is not just a choice of color
But also a unique understanding of life
White symbolizes purity and tranquility
Black represents stability and profundity
The interweaving of these two colors
Invites every inhabitant to jointly depict the comfort of life




armchair and TV




The design of the chair is inspired by the form of the human body, with elegant curves and a sense of fluidity. Every time you sit down, it feels like having an intimate conversation with art, allowing you to experience the comfort and coziness of life. This artistic expression reflects our love and dedication to life.


Spiral staircaseSpiral staircase

Rotating Upward Staircase Design
Releasing the silence of space
Bringing dynamic beauty to the entire design
Each step
Seems to play a beautiful movement of life
Guiding the user upwards
To see the new "world"

master bedroom


In this bedroom, every detail is like a beautiful symphony. The gentle light penetrates through the curtains, casting warm shadows, as if heralding the beginning of a dream. The bedding on the bed is soft and comfortable, seemingly designed to soothe tired bodies and minds. The whole space is filled with a faint floral scent, making one feel as if they are in a tranquil garden. In this bedroom, time seems to stand still, everything becomes so peaceful and beautiful, as if waiting for the next dream to set sail.

 second bedroom



Multiple wall lamps quietly illuminate the walls and ceiling, casting a halo of light that diffuses like a massive piece of art, adding endless elegance to the space. Their circular design symbolizes the completeness and harmony of life, while their oversized dimensions express our unique pursuit of the beauty of life. Every switch seems to tell a story about light and shadow.



Not just a home design project,
But also a symphony of life and art.
With simple yet innovative arrangements,
Poetic colors and forms,
It interprets the harmonious coexistence of art and life.
In this world where black and white blend,
Every corner is filled with poetry and novelty.

Design Team |  Zhu Liu Design Studio

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March 14, 2024 — Z Z