This apartment is a profound charm, contains endless connotation, people can not help but taste again and again. The line of sight is attracted by various shades of blue, some as vast as the blue sky, some like the blue sea like the turbulent waves, some like the royal blue crystal shining mysterious light. These different blues are displayed in their own unique ways, triggering peoples endless imagination and thinking.


Different colors of the same color system, like the ups and downs of the notes, contain different emotional rhythm. The designers skillfully use these colors, just like the conductor leading the band, giving the color life in the appropriate area, and making the overall design look like a moving symphony. This visual feast not only tests the skill, but also is a kind of artistic enjoyment.



coffee table




The dining room and kitchen area take on a new look, using soft colors, and a large area of white design to make the space more spacious. The circular integral kitchen and open dining room break the bondage of the space, increased the sense of connection between each other, but also maintain the compact of the overall layout at the same time.




The room that lets the daughters room is full of girl like warmth, stylist cleverly fasten pink and space be an organic whole. However, the bright pink is too big to make out for children. Therefore, light pink is the best choice, which both highlights the sweet atmosphere and suits childrens nature. Inside this room, light pink permeates every corner, just like being in a sweet dream. The soft bed has an excellent touch, like the comfort of a cloud, to create a perfect sleeping environment for children.



The design style of the bedroom is concise and fashionable, the orange red background wall of light color department gives a person with positive psychological hint, full of vigor and hope. The Buddhist niche design on the side is unique, suspended, and the narrow margin does not take up too much space. It is an ideal place for residents to display amateur interests such as records, albums or books. This warm and comfortable tone, let people feel at home.

second bedroom


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