Infusing the modern urban vibes, it reflects the ultimate pursuit of life and the exploration of luxury living in the new consumption era from the inside out. Its simple and pure atmosphere breaks boundaries, adds soul to the architecture, and provides a sense of belonging and anticipation for home.

Luxury livingroom



As the central space of the family, the living room is designed with a timeless classic style from the perspective of architecture. The horizontally oriented large living room is imbued with a sense of Timeless through its design.

The rational space is carved out with a strong architectural line to emphasize a warm sense of belonging in a gentle earth tone color palette, providing people with a spiritual and mental sanctuary.

coffee table

Starting from the lifestyle habits of the residents, infused with the master's unique taste, and capturing the contemporary urban life philosophy. In the play of light and shadow, the hardness and rebelliousness of metal, the primitive touch of leather, and the glossy texture of glass, each retains its own personality yet complements each other. Appreciate every flavor that life gives us with care.

dining table


Insight - A New Aesthetic of Living




Discarding complex decorations is a sense of freedom, serving as a refuge for the owner's personal collection, insight into the character of the gentleman at the intersection of light and shadow, clarifying the quality and beauty of decorations in the hidden corners of brightness and darkness. Every subtle change piled up is an attitude towards life, a supreme feeling of spirit.


Embodied as a music elf with ballet and music as the theme, the cello plays a melodious tune, dancing gracefully on the bed. The perfectly delicate bean red color fills the dreams on tiptoes, with the bed frame made of leather and fabric, reaching the softness and longing deep in the child's heart.
girl bedroom
With the theme of trendy play and basketball, embellished with a refreshing and vibrant azure tone.
The integrated bed-screen combination allows the space to have better extension, and the combination of metal and leather on one side adds a sense of quality and trendiness. The display shelves and Kwas trendy toys showcase the theme, full of childlike fun and modernity, boldly exploring unique self-expression.
boy bedroom
The entire space is filled with a sense of sensibility and harmony, where the interior color tones are soft and simple. Different textures of metal and leather upholstery are used to create layers, imparting both the philosophical meaning of contemporary urban life and the pursuit of gentlemanly character from the contemporary elite class in spirit.
luxury bedroom
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