By combining the city's geographical advantages with the unique hotel-style configurations of the project, drawing inspiration from "urban vacation", creatively blending livability and holiday vibes, and narrowing the gap between dreams and reality at any time. Incorporating the city's unique cultural atmosphere into everyday life and achieving spiritual relaxation in a secluded manner.

The living room is no longer just a traditional social space, it is not only for socializing but also a space for interaction and communication with family. Transforming the experience of accompanying children's learning from being boring and lonely to being enjoyable and positive.




Draw closer to intimate space, surpassing extravagance, and imagine a "third space" that leaves behind countless forms of space guided by light. Sunlight seeps through the windows, reflecting ever-changing, uncharted paintings. The texture of wood and its patterns blend subtly with the colors of the walls, outlining a luxurious abode that exudes a sense of raw nature.

Let the busy life come to a halt, and seek a tranquil haven in the bustling city. Amidst the interplay of light and shadow, sprinkle fragments of gold, let the tree shadows sway gently, and leave behind the mundane affairs. Enjoy a leisurely moment, savoring the tranquility of time.


white sofa

The aesthetic of "naturalism" in living has been cleverly integrated into the spatial scale. At the same time, in order to make the originally single spatial functions more practical and interesting, the sense of space volume and the diversity of zones have been increased, allowing residents to experience a more comfortable and relaxing environment.
The open layout of the living and dining area eliminates the boundaries between each other, resembling uncarved elements of nature, extending naturally from life.

Elegant like black ink, it complements the scale of contemporary luxury homes. Between deep and light interweaving, the delicate sense of beauty is about to emerge.
The windows are closed tightly, with only a gentle breeze brushing by. The room is filled with a faint scent of books. As the candles are lit, the flickering light brings the words on the pages to life.
Taking inspiration from the story "The Little Prince," the design incorporates the classic color scheme used in the story. The prominent comic book decorations add an eye-catching element to the room, which is further enhanced with wallpaper and other elements, creating a peculiar and dreamlike atmosphere for the boy's bedroom.
children bedroom
Desk in the room

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