The design of the first floor living room uses beige tones to give the space a sense of breathability. The overall visual appearance of the space is horizontal and vertical, with a simple and clean composition. Several small objects are interspersed to make the atmosphere more relaxed and relaxed.

white sofa
leather armchair

A forest-style dining table, linen-wrapped dining chairs, perfectly blending with the mountain view outside the window.


Interaction between humans and nature
Creating the space of emptiness

fabirc sofa

The soft white sofa contrasts with the entire Dongyang bamboo woven background screen, enriching the sense of hierarchy in the space while laying the foundation for a comfortable and elegant living environment.

coffee table
floor-to-ceiling window

The light through the floor to ceiling glass windows will naturally attract your attention. The simple and modern design of the dining hall makes it more spacious. Outside the window is the sparkling lake surface of the Lotus Core Reservoir, bringing dynamic and ever-changing scenery to the four seasons.

master bedroom

chair and desk

The boys room features a simple beige color as the main tone of the space, with regional ingenuity in the background wall and screen, combined with modern design techniques, to create a pure and orderly indoor style.

bedside table

boy bedroom


The master bedroom maximizes the vacation style living experience, with minimalist geometric lines that are both elegant and pure. The indoor and outdoor scenery is unobstructed and peaceful.

Bedroom with balcony



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