Urban residents who have lived in cages for a long time have a heart to escape the city walls, hoping to have the pleasure of staying in cages for a long time, returning to nature, and one day step into nature, allowing the wind, sunlight, and flowers to wash away the anxiety and fatigue all over them.

Vintage living room
lounge chair
coffee table


The state of perception always starts from the surface of the body and ultimately reaches the depths of the heart, while the large area of glass facilitates intimacy with sunlight and can help people connect closely with nature.




A restaurant is not only a place to taste delicious food, but also a stage for social interaction. Use green decorative paintings to create a relaxed and natural atmosphere in the space.

master bedroom


bed end stool


The indoor lattice windows integrate the interior and exterior, with natural light gently brushing through the window lattice, casting mottled light and shadow.


bedside table

n this artistic space, indulge in the beauty of life. As if immersed in a dreamy world, enjoying every moment of time slowly passing through life.




The reception hall integrates a bar counter, creating a highly tasteful and artistic space. This space is full of inspiration and fun. Here, poetry, art, and spirit are interconnected and interdependent, allowing people to find the true essence of life.

water bar

wine rack


music room

The future of healing science will be vibrational in frequency, and sound will become a major recognized part, greatly benefiting you, me, and this interdisciplinary world.


The garage is a corner full of creativity and off-road spirit. Not only does it provide a place for vehicle storage, but it also becomes a place for creativity and off-road spirit to burst out.

lounge chair

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