livingroom luxury 

The designer endeavors to seamlessly capture the unique emotional memory of the city and the humanistic inspiration, portraying them as the ideal coordinates for future life within the layout.

livingroom luxury

coffee table



The monochromatic living room exudes a restrained elegance, using texture to showcase the extraordinary grace of life. The casually luxurious sectional sofa exudes a hint of lazy relaxation, enveloping one in an irresistibly serene atmosphere.




The flexible and transparent kitchen partition design enhances the interactive nature of the space. Whether it's a formal dinner party or a casual get-together with friends, it creates an air of ceremony. The adjacent island table provides added convenience for dining and wine tasting, offering easy access to the dining room and wine storage. Opening a bottle of vintage champagne, the aroma fills the air as glasses clink and delicacies are savored, epitomizing the refinement and pleasure of savoring life.



Dressing table

The rest area exudes a caramel-toned ambiance, extending the grandeur of a mansion. With a 270-degree bay window, it captures the bustling flow of day and night, preserving the ever-changing scenery of the four seasons. Through the use of gentle materials and colors, it creates a nostalgic atmosphere, omitting intricate embellishments, and employing simple yet elegant designs to cultivate enduring moments for loved ones.


luxury bed



The collision of white and caramel creates a playful atmosphere in the children's room. The intriguing blind box theme and the bold and mischievous Molly instantly captivate the hearts of children, inspiring them to fearlessly explore and happily grow in the company of Molly.



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