The continuous development of the city and the ever-evolving housing needs often lead to expectations of home, which is a warm embrace, a gentle and dynamic breeze as the seasons change, a slow pace, orderly way of life.
The decoration is the modern minimalist sense of space, while the soft furnishings are warm tones, romantic elegant ethereal mood, complementing each other. The warm and soft texture writes the whole space with a warm and artistic main theme.



coffee table

In the fullness of spring and the clarity of composure, there is a serene and free world, where lush green plants thrive alongside the gentle influx of sunlight and air, creating a tangible sense of contentment.

The open-plan dining area softens the sharp contours of the dining table with its gentle and inviting chairs. It combines transparency and functionality, while its efficient layout makes it convenient for the busyness of daily life. It is an independent space that blends seamlessly into the home.


The layout of the dining room features smooth lines that outline the entire space. With beautiful artworks, candlelight ambiance, and fresh flowers as decoration, the whole space seems more cheerful and relaxed.


Balcony and Study
Aristotle once said that every domain of nature is marvelous. The highest realm of living is to live in harmony with nature.
Through the perfect placement of green plants, we can bring in the beautiful atmosphere of growth, awakening people’s contemplation of future life. The outdoor scenery blends with the interior, becoming a natural gift of decoration, making the space practical yet light, natural, and comfortable.


potted plant

When material life becomes abundant, people's pursuit of spiritual aesthetics becomes stronger.
Art subverts the traditional single function of space, breaks through the imagination of home, and carries the taste and warmth of self, the love and imagination of the world, to lead the future form of home in an era of renewal.

Art room

Different spaces respond to different needs, anchoring their own requirements and personalities in correlation with a consistent artistic style, ultimately returning to everyday life.

In a complex and bustling world, there is a greater desire to navigate freely in a minimalist environment, creating an eternal and tranquil space that allows people to find inner peace and comfort.



Walking into the master bedroom, you will be greeted by the pureness of home, a refreshing and clean space that is unpretentious and generous. It doesn't conceal or hide anything, but quietly displays its own essence.
The gentle and warm furnishings in the master bedroom bring a sense of tranquility in the bustling city. The overall tone is not only gentle, but also carries an intellectual power. It is neither overly exciting nor impatient, yet it creates an infinite quality of life.



Dressing table

The girls' room is themed around contemporary trendy art toy brand POP MART. The soft shades of light pink create a warm and innocent, dreamy, and reassuring space for growth.


pink bed


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February 20, 2024 — Z Z