Living Room
The living room is the most integrated and important space in a family's life. With an overall transparent design, it embraces the surrounding scenery, showcasing an elegant and luxurious atmosphere for entertaining guests. Within this space, laughter and joy abound, allowing all to indulge in luxury and comfort.
A stone TV wall, streamlined sofa chairs, and a metallic stone coffee table create a comfortable and open space for communication. Despite seemingly conflicting materials, they harmoniously come together, forming layers within the space.



coffee table

The open and connected design of the dining room is not only an expansion of space, but also a fusion and interpretation of lifestyle and emotions. The atmosphere created by the furnishings and decorations allows people to share the same space emotionally, while also maximizing the functionality of the dining room and creating diverse living scenes.


dining table

Balcony and Study
Urban living has no boundaries, the elegant and smooth long balcony opens up a fluid space and extends the melody of the scene.
From the perspective of spatial innovation, composite functionality, and scene upgrading, the dining room and the balcony with a view achieve the best effect in terms of functionality and aesthetics.
The designer seeks balance between low-key and fashion, and through an open layout and a relaxed spatial flow, greatly extends the sense of depth, creating a somewhat sturdy and luxurious urban gentleman space.




The study of modern urban people is no longer limited to traditional single-use functions. A study room with a collection of books, wine tasting, and entertainment of watching movies is a reflection of one's personal style.

modern study

little bookshelf

The main bedroom continues the modern and luxurious style of the living room, blending light and shadow, texture, quality, and temperature, creating a hidden life aesthetic in the details.
The overall color scheme is light, complemented by warm white and black wood veneer. Through the interplay of softness and toughness, it outlines a restrained and elegant spatial scale.
Amidst the traces of life, simplicity is infused with delicacy. Unload the burden, settle the body and mind, live freely, and even rest with a hint of poetry.




Recalling the fleeting years like flowing water, every inch of time is sealed in a paper photograph, and the second bedroom as the theme of photography contains the life breath precipitated by years.

luxury bedroom


Different from most adults pursuing a stable and peaceful life, children are always full of endless curiosity and imagination about the world. They admire heroes and fairy tales, and are passionate about exploration and adventure.
Therefore, the design of the Boys' Room draws inspiration from the astronomical theme of "The Wandering Earth", establishing a new connection between modern cities and vast interstellar space from a child's playful perspective.




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