The key elements that public spaces carry are the "function" of highlighting social gatherings and the "emotion" of showcasing identity.


Integrated approach to flat layout, transcending spatial boundaries. Based on the existing architectural plan, it connects various functional modules, breaking the separation of circulation paths and releasing space boundaries.

The differences in open spaces
By integrating and adjusting, the public area is enlarged while enhancing the social attributes and sense of openness of the space. It creates a large and open flowing space that is convenient for entertaining guests and promoting interaction among family members.

A corner of the study room has a concealed door, and the bookshelf is integrated with the cabinet to optimize the original structural column and architectural window design.

Natural light enters the public area, allowing light and scenery to flow indoors, creating a sense of transparency and agility.

As a buffer zone between the two bedrooms on either side, it makes entering the room feel more private and provides possibilities for future space changes. It is also a modern oasis and a peaceful place in the heart.
Indoor scenery abounds
What kind of indoor scenery will you enjoy when entering your home?

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February 13, 2024 — MaMark