The living room features a luxurious scale and an open layout, allowing for a diverse and elegant experience. It combines the high-quality lifestyle of urban elites with an artistic perspective, creating a new model of ideal urban living in a timeless and elegant setting. The balcony utilizes black mirror reflection to enhance the opulent visual aspect of the space and gives it a dynamic texture.

Depicting a serene, grand, and elegant artistic atmosphere with earthy tones, complemented by a marble background wall with an ink and wash flavor, placing the elegance of life into the creation of the scene. The presentation of artworks, soft lighting and shadows adorn the texture of the space, endowing the "home" with a sense of eternal classicism, carrying the love for life. The living room is built with diverse scenes, including the TV area, minibar, and tea room, where three different lifestyles interact.

The restaurant combines a simple and elegant color scheme with minimalist lines, outlining the essence of "home" to its core. Light gray dining chairs, paired with sleek marble dining tables, along with the juxtaposition of leather and stone, infuse a subtle luxurious texture into every detail of the space. Geometric abstract paintings and floral arrangements serve as accents, spreading artistic inspiration and aesthetic atmosphere throughout the space, creating a captivating and romantic ambiance.

The master bedroom continues the steady color tone of the earthy color scheme, with gentle sunshine streaming in, emitting a quiet power that blends the sedimentation of time and the tranquility of nature. The moderate brown tone, calm and peaceful, along with the soft fabric and warm wooden feature wall, softens the frostiness of marble, creating a serene sanctuary in the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing one to feel the warmth of home.

A natural and tranquil lifestyle. Gradually changing shades of brown pillows and soft checkered carpets create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. By incorporating variations in depth and texture while maintaining the overall brown color scheme, the space is enriched with a sense of layering. This not only fulfills everyday functionality and comfort but also adds a touch of luxury and quality to the room.

The boy's room, centered around the theme of fashion and play, epitomizes the quality of space within a vibrant and distinctive character. The background wall is presented in a unique display form, complemented by the illuminating effect of lights, showcasing boundless artistic imagination and igniting endless possibilities.

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February 14, 2024 — Ma xing