Interweaving of Black and Gold
Creative deconstruction and luxurious texture
The space is based on black and gold, with gloss and steadiness intertwined, creating a splendid and gentle impression.

The overall space, which was originally smooth, is divided by several "partitions" due to the same clear reflection, and the visually sudden dislocation presents a unique tension. The sense of mutual reflection is much deeper than the traditional sense of extension.

The vertical delicate lines spread out on the wall, and the spacious structure becomes "relaxed", becoming casual and lively.

A black-themed kitchen is not gloomy, but rather exudes a steady and bright atmosphere when contrasted with the surrounding colors. The metal hexagonal pendant light resembles a crown, adding a sense of ceremony to dining time.

Geometry and Functionality
Intertwined to Awaken Senses
In the home, geometry and functionality seem to complement each other, as blank spaces are filled with the allure of geometric shapes, vividly and realistically presented before our eyes.
However, when furniture forms various functional areas of different sizes, the complexity of life takes the lead, arousing multi-level perceptions.

Neutral aesthetics philosophy
Embrace diversity and self-acceptance
In the bedroom, a grey background is used to create a strong sense of rustic luxury, and the cool atmosphere generates a sense of tranquility.
Marble material and carved decorations on the bedside create a subtle and tranquil charm, allowing a moment of composed and soothing philosophical atmosphere to linger within the space.

Lighting, color tones, and furniture together create an immersive atmosphere. At this moment, the ordinary corner has already transcended time and space, becoming a home for the meeting of souls.

Underneath the modern luxuries, the design of this elegant home is meticulously crafted from multiple perspectives, creating a unique and graceful living space. It captures a myriad of qualities such as delicacy, contemporariness, simplicity, and ruggedness, making the home a limitless realm of diverse beauty, allowing residents to effortlessly slow down and savor the experience.

Design Team | JiJing Design
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February 12, 2024 — MaMark