Living in these mountains,
Witnessing the changing seasons firsthand,
I truly understand
the essence of three hundred and sixty-five days a year.
This project is located at the foot of Jingshan in the west of Hangzhou, echoing the magnificent landscape of Jingshan. It is a premium lifestyle destination for the Yangtze River Delta region. From a distance, overlapping mountain shadows blend with nature, and the glass mountain house is nestled in the dense forest, resembling a picturesque scene, where the transparent and dynamic architecture is beautifully blended.


Entrance Hall

The designer believes that art is an eternal presence that transcends time and space. Dreaming through art in the picturesque mountains and rivers, creating a sanctuary for the soul to reflect upon oneself and embrace a beautiful harbor.

Concealing the charm of nature, sensing the intervals of life, and deeply integrating with art, this reflects the residents' personal tastes and their beautiful vision of life, crafting a space where dwelling and the heart coexist harmoniously in art.

Artistic Living

Due to the integration of curves, a sense of free rhythm is generated within the space. The comfortable curved sofa and Verpan System S-shaped chair create a lively emotional interaction area, while the casual and gentle ambiance of DIX HEURES DIX artistic lighting fixtures establishes a dynamic and tension-filled spatial expression.

Ding Chairs

dining area

The design of the dining area portrays the emotional and ceremonial aspects of everyday life, utilizing a combination of curves and straight lines to create a dynamically rotating dining space. In the gentle influences of sunrise and sunset, and the essence of daily life, one can feel the intertwining of human warmth and earthly simplicity…

Artistic Chairs

Artistic Sofa

Art Gallery

The design of the artistic installation in the staircase area is based on abstract artistic imagination. The unique wavy texture, with its layered undulations, achieves a perfect balance between complexity and simplicity. Under the refraction of light, it diffuses a mysterious natural atmosphere.

Master bedroom bed

The master bedroom exudes an elegant and tranquil ambiance, offering a sense of relaxation. The semi-enclosed bed back, crafted from leather, interacts with light and shadow, creating a warm atmosphere within the space. Paired with artistic decorative paintings, featuring dynamic textures, the space becomes more modern and artistic.

Art Bed

The second bedroom continues the linear elements, with a background wall, bedside table, black pleated bed back, and interlocking artistic pendant lights. Utilizing overlapping, interwoven, and juxtaposed lines, it presents a three-dimensional language style, outlining the artistic context of life.

Based on an understanding of , an analysis of urban dynamics, and a profound respect for nature, the designer has crafted a comprehensive ideal lifestyle from behavior to space, nature to culture. This is a contemporary haven where art accompanies individuals, nature uplifts spirits, and people gather, connect, share, and relax amid the serene tea hills—an 'Elegant Gathering' space. It is an ideal dwelling that embraces art, life, and nature.

mountain livingroom sofa


Livingroom modern

The is cleverly connected as one, and with the sprinkling of light and shadow, the material details undergo a natural transformation. Graceful floral installations, with their elegant postures, embellish the space, bringing a visual sense of depth and infusing the environment with the refined charm of the East.

marble diningtable

marble table

Standing by the mountains, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the concept revolves around 'dialogue with nature, dialogue with time, dialogue with life.' Returning to nature and simplicity, rekindling an infinite longing for the mountains and wilderness, this structure perched above the valley utilizes the concept of 'expansive views and flexible spatial layout' to capture the scenery. It places great importance on providing spiritual enjoyment and emotional solace amidst the beauty of nature.

The design seamlessly blends mountain living with contemporary design, interpreting the poetics and charm of international modern luxury in a serene and elegant style. It constructs a living space with an artistic and emotional aesthetic stance, satisfying both the practical and emotional needs of individuals.

home mountain views

living with contemporary design

The designer, employing a natural approach, constructs a comfortable and open shared living room space. The vast floor-to-ceiling windows offer an unobstructed view of the outdoor scenery, immersing the space in a rich holiday atmosphere. The changes give rise to a diverse array of spatial expressions.

tea marble table

The design of the master bathroom enhances the sense of scale in the space, using a large expanse of stone as the base, with a touch of greenery interspersed, adding a hint of liveliness to the environment.

master bathroom

Presenting poetic elegance, adorned with simple craftsmanship, the second bedroom acquires a touch of relaxation through pure design methods. A single vase with two or three branches infuses the space with limitless emotion and romance.

bedroom with green glasses

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December 07, 2023 — Mark Ma