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We emphasize the four key experiential elements of "sophistication, ritualization, quality, and hotel-like atmosphere" in our residential spaces. The spatial design follows the style of "modern Italian light luxury," giving significant attention to shaping and lines. We seamlessly integrate exceptional craftsmanship with exquisite attention to detail, presenting a subtle luxury within the realm of artistry.


Ingenious designs in intricate details.

luxury livingroom


Open Social Grand Hall

livingroom luxury


The different functional areas of the space are integrated and opened up, and the LDKB dynamic area is used to reshape the layout of the apartment. The open design connects multiple living scenes and creates a complex family living space. Natural interaction among family members fosters emotional connection and grows stronger over time, as the fireworks of life rise and dissipate in perfect harmony.
The collision of Amazon green slate and metallic personality on the TV background wall creates a sense of avant-garde fashion art through the combination of natural texture and metallic luster.
Dining room at home
diningtable luxury
The matte textured leather and custom decorative painting with an orange glossy finish complement each other, creating furniture with a soft and sleek modern simplicity. Within its youthful vitality lies the pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship and quality, a perfect blend of warmth and delicacy that forms the main stage of family life and social gatherings.
Bar counter
Executive suite master bedroom▼
Executive suite master bedroom
Cozy retreat for rest and relaxation▼
Cozy retreat for rest and relaxation
Vibrant and energetic children's room▼
Vibrant and energetic children's room
Premium Bathroom System▼
Premium Bathroom System▼
Luxury kitchen system ▼
Luxury kitchen system
We are dedicated to unearthing profound and unforgettable sensations within the design of residences, employing craftsmanship and attention to detail to express the emotions of "home." Through the interplay of light and shadow, we orchestrate the symphony of life.
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November 26, 2023 — Mark Ma