This 300-square-meter showroom overlooks the sprawling mountain peaks, where mist veils the contours of the forests, transforming them into gentle undulating curves.



Expanding in all directions with extraordinary breadth, it embraces a boundless scale of freedom within the spatial realm, while harmonizing seamlessly with the furniture through geometric correspondence. Through a progressive intertwining of interior and exterior, it profoundly embodies the essence of "unity in diversity" in home design.


Exquisite salon adorned with opulence.


A corner of the dining room at home.

Walk-in closet.Cloakroom
















 The bar counterThe counter

 Radiating warmth, behold the delicacy of home.

Another space, measuring approximately 183 square meters, proves that scaling down does not equate to compromising the quality of life.
The design exudes a rhythmic ambience, blooming with diverse charm in various layouts.
As a result, within this space, the "intensity" of design increases, fostering a deeper connection between home and nature.

An exquisite dining establishment.

The serene living room.

The bedroom walls retain the natural texture of the material, where the rough and rugged texture of the stone meets the light stripes of the wall, creating a simple and pure encounter without specific integration, thus forming a rich yet simple layered form.


One corner of the bed.

The color scheme of the children's room is delicately balanced between warm yellow and soft white. A monkey adorns the bedside table lamp, while scattered toy plushies create a serene forest scene.

Child’s bed


The earthy-toned bedroom

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December 15, 2023 — Mark Ma