luxury livingroom

rounded sofa

curved sofa

It is bustling when you go out and peaceful when you enter, which is an ideal portrayal of modern urban living.

coffee table



In addition, through effective integration, the designer placed the powder room in a corner of the living room, providing convenient services to residents without affecting the integrity and smoothness of the living room. The warm texture and flexible shape combine both aesthetics and functionality.

Spacious livingroom



The curved walls of the restaurant present another form of arc, where crystal incarnates as the showcase stage. Passing through two sliding doors, an array of sparkling crystals shines brilliantly, exuding a sense of orderly beauty.

wine bar

wine case



Explore inward along the smart curved walkway, with only one side of the light strip at the top guiding you, creating a quiet atmosphere. Wool textured wallpaper and natural textured wood veneer separate the two sides, setting aside a display area for the silhouettes of happy families in the future. In addition, the invisible door treatment quietly incorporates the Chinese kitchen, which is simple and pure, with unlimited tension.



The rugged and profound wooden textures interwoven with copper lines depict the study as a miniature scroll of the master's spiritual world. Everywhere one looks, Jean-Marie Fiori releases infinite imagination with extremely cute animal shapes and vibrant, soothing colors, while Daniel Daviau's finely crafted rabbit head and Vincent Cazeneuve's use of gold leaf lacquer technique to create "Golden Rice Bag" illuminate the artistic charm in the overall subtle and elegant tones.

master bedroom


As night falls and the lights shine brightly, the longing for home becomes more intense. Designer Shi Liang has abandoned excessive decoration, interpreting the cozy resting place with concise strokes. The master bedroom suite features a light and dynamic curved bed background, achieving a relaxed and casual appearance. Paired with a generously padded bed, the delicate details and textures exude a sense of security and shelter under the soft glow of the lights.

Breaking free from the constraints of life, returning to the essence of functionality needs, the main bathroom portrays the charm of classical style through modern techniques. Matte Obama wood marble and copper mirrors, in a combination of various materials, exude classic elegance and a refined taste.
second bedroom
Home is the destination of return, the harbor of the soul, recording the stories of time bit by bit.
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