Contemplation on the personalized pursuit of life among the urban elites in the new era,
Creating new experiences in the fresh living environment,
Elevating the atmosphere through artistic methods,
Constructing value with meticulous attention to perfection,
To touch the hearts of the dwellers.

luxury livingroom


The open and free spatial layout stems from a dual experience of controlling both spatial scale and lifestyle. By designing circulation paths and minimizing the height of furniture to maintain a sense of transparency in the overall social space, one can feel a sense of openness and fluidity while staying here.

sofa and coffee table





Kitchen Area
Capturing the life philosophy of contemporary urban living, the open kitchen stands boldly in the interplay of light and shadow. With its special folding sliding doors and luxurious stone countertops, it naturally embodies a sense of individuality while complementing each other, savoring every taste that life has to offer.


tea room

Living aesthetics are being redefined, abandoning intricate decorations for a sense of freedom. By employing a spacious layout, the tearoom is properly divided into functional areas.

master bedroom


The exquisite craftsmanship details and the integration of various materials guide people's emotions, revealing changes in spatial function and scene, making it a wonderful sanctuary for the soul.





As a sanctuary for the master's private collection, it observes the gentleman's character at the intersection of light and shadow, clearly delineating the beauty of adornments in the brightness and darkness. Every subtle change is stacked to form an attitude towards life, an ultimate feeling of spirit.

Elderly Room



 The fishing theme of the elderly room, with the interweaving of light and shadow, changes in texture, and fluctuations in brightness and darkness, introduces delicate textures while ensuring the tranquil care of the resting area, bringing a unique sense of fun in the calmness.

Design Team | Zero Power Space Design

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