The gentle wooden hue embraces,
The lake's glimmer and the mountain's hues, carefree.
Symmetrical layout, lofty design, showcasing the charm of Chinese aesthetics, the wooden materials on both sides of the walls exude a warm atmosphere.

coffee table

green velvet sofa

The green color of the lake is reflected in the bar counter, wine cabinet, and fabric sofa. The white marble with its patterns resembles the waves that the lake hesitates to reject, quietly displaying a majestic atmosphere, expressing the natural magnificence of the lake through aesthetic subtlety.

The shadow of the background trees is very hazy, blending natural breath into different color schemes and decorations, enriching the space.

white sofa

Ceiling is a luminous design, like sunlight, nurturing the vitality of space, as if the scene of nature is emerging.


tea room

Tea is located in the corner, yet you can still feel the ambiance of the green lake surface. The large painting in the background highlights the style of everyone, with a slow flow of Chinese ancient charm, blending harmoniously with the misty scene and the elements of the lake. The beautiful ambiance is wrapped in wooden packaging, blending into jars and bottles.modren livingroom

minimalist sofa


coffee table

The black and white color scheme presents a relaxed atmosphere for the furniture, with grid-patterned floors supporting jars and green plants on the desktop, while sculptures in the corners add touches of Western aesthetics.

white and black armchair

black wood coffee table


The restaurant is connected to the courtyard, with dining tables arranged in Chinese style, matching the paintings on the walls.



Two children's rooms are prepared for a boy and a girl respectively. The pink-themed room is for the girl, with a gray ceiling inset with light strips emitting a romantic glow, stylish lamps, and red artworks on the walls, bringing fun.

girl room

The boy's room is green, symbolizing vitality. The wooden walls create a warm feeling, and the bedding is soft and comfortable. This reflects the resident's beautiful vision for the child.

boy room


The family room is enveloped in the gentle embrace of wooden hues, with a plush carpet providing a soft and cozy feel. White cabinets store beloved items of the children, while beside uniquely shaped chairs, scattered children's books invite sharing of fairy tales and stories.

family room

The main bedroom's ceiling and walls are harmoniously unified, with a lifelike pattern of bamboo leaves in the background. When a gentle breeze enters the space, it feels as if it's swaying the branches.

master room



The new Chinese style can also be presented in a simple way, with a natural and comfortable feeling, and showcasing different aspects of luxury homes with its cultural heritage. The sentiment of the lake water spreads across different spaces, with art enhancing the beauty of mood, integrating into daily life, and defining luxurious connotations.

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