With two charming faces, classic and modern, the Italian style home combines art and function very closely.


Super scale living room space, fully consider the quality of life of people in the space, with materials to show the pursuit of people's exquisite life. Overall neutral color tone, embellished with midnight blue, giving the space more quiet breath, fashion style.

Every morning, get up and make a cup of coffee, walk to the window with your coffee, breathe in the fresh air from the morning, and start the journey of Italian style.

Weekend gathering time, open up the joy of the main field, with friends to talk about wine, talk about friendship. The restaurant and western kitchen are integrated, and the aromatic food, experience the satisfaction of the fusion and collision of deliciousness on the tongue, so that you can dine comfortably in this place.

Some people say that art is an ideal of aestheticization, and some people say that it should reflect the cruel reality. For the space, it is beautiful, beautiful in the eye, elegant and natural, but also real, is real life, real emotions, but also the carrier of emotions.

"Music awakens me from my sleep and makes me fall asleep in my dreams", the violin music heals the dreams of a teenager. The daughter's room space is defined by the little hero as "violinist". Taking into account the daughter's rest, reading, practicing and other functions, it is a small paradise for the little princess to grow freely. Every ordinary and beautiful moment is a precious gift of life.

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February 09, 2024 — Ma xing