Seated by the window at this moment, accompanied by the serene lamplight, the poetic beauty of the indoors and outdoors intertwines in an exquisitely luxurious Italian style, quietly flowing through the fleeting shadows of everyday life.
The dining hall unfolds a realm of warmth and togetherness, embracing both families and a harmonious orchestra. The ambiance is inviting with soft lights, intertwined conversations, and an atmosphere imbued with the contentment of gathering together, savoring the leisurely moments.
In the subterranean reception area, the designer has incorporated a botanical landscape wall, symbolizing the city's harmonious coexistence with nature and the return to authentic living. It invites a dialogue with the energizing forces of nature, where growth occurs in an organized manner amidst chaos. Sunlight pours through the skylight, gracefully outlining the rich essence of nature.
Whiskey, maturing with the passage of time, exudes its distinctive charm in space - the top notes embody the sweetness of life, the heart notes express the freshness of nature, and the base notes reflect the richness of art.
The designer incorporates the essence of purity and nature into the design of the tea room, accentuating a tranquil ambiance. The deliberate juxtaposition of various materials and the harmonious integration of soft furnishings create a multidimensional space.
The master bedroom exudes a sense of grandeur, with a graceful and dynamic ambiance that does not compromise its elegance. It artfully crafts a sleeping area that evokes a sense of freedom and authenticity, allowing it to transcend the boundaries of reality. It creates a hazy and tranquil atmosphere, like a budding sprout on the fertile ground of the occupant's life, revealing a new realm of elegant living.
The guest bedroom exudes an exquisite elegance through its subdued color palette and refined selection of furniture, artwork, and decorative objects. The distinctive arrangement of these elements evokes a sense of fluidity, creating a tranquil atmosphere that speaks volumes without uttering a word.
The sandwiched mistress's atelier revolves around the theme of clothing design, where the desktop fabric cutting tools harmonize with the garments on the inside mannequin, showcasing a multifaceted artistic innovation that embodies the true life attitude of contemporary urban dwellers - embracing relaxation and freedom, while boldly exploring their unique and individual selves.
The gentleman's personal workspace is adorned with sleek pendant lights and neatly organized shelves, harmoniously complementing his ideal of a romantic, warm, and indulgent lifestyle. With ingenuity and attention to detail, it fulfills the homeowner's ultimate pursuit of quality living. Every passing moment is a precious part of one's journey, and every object is a lasting keepsake.
Design Team | DAS Design
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February 08, 2024 — Mark Ma