Colorful living room

The process of crafting a home is an exploration of life.
The longing for life deep within the heart is manifested in every inch of space, under vibrant strokes lies an ever-burning passion, portraying the art of living. The expansion of spatial scenes is a daring endeavor, each time brimming with boundless possibilities.

 empty living room

The comfortable material of the sofa, relaxed curves, and enclosed placement all emphasize the soothing atmosphere of the space. The interweaving of olive green and orange showcases the warmth and vitality of the space.

brown sofa

red sofa

The dancing flames adorning the hearth elevate the ambiance and warmth of the space. Gathered around the fireplace, conversations flow freely, allowing individuals to grow closer in an intangible way.


burning fireplace

Sunbeams cascade from the atrium, infusing the foyer with a natural aura. The artistic adornment of colored stone resonates with this aura through its representational depiction of nature, imparting an added sense of intrigue. The bold crimson hue evokes a hearty ambiance that showcases the warmth of the home. Upon entering the space, one can tangibly perceive the emotional metamorphosis.


colorful decoration

The hallway serves as an artistic space connecting various areas, presenting a unique charm from different angles. The clever use of doorways and glass allows for overlapping views and landscapes, providing a different perspective with every turn. Each moment in this space presents a new and surreal experience.



The study is nestled in a corner of the space, its semi-enclosed structure allows for a serene solitude while maintaining a connection to the outside. The hues of the artwork harmonize with the furniture, adding a touch of passionate ardor to the literary ambiance. The rough texture of the stone walls eloquently conveys the natural charm, slowing down the pace of the space.

spacious living room

office room


Colorful chairs

The vibrant primary colors collide, radiating a vivid vitality and boundless energy. The suspended storage cabinets are gracefully nimble, their perfectly measured height is derived from a meticulous consideration of life's nuances, facilitating children's involvement in organization and enhancing their dexterity.

Children's play area

play area

The suspended chandelier exudes the aesthetic beauty of geometry, while the cream-colored lampshade filters the light to create a gentle and warm ambiance, harmonizing with the cool tone of the staircase lighting.

The designer seamlessly connects the entire space, allowing the living room and dining area to engage in a dialogue across the void. The relationships between people are brought closer, fostering interaction and a sense of warmth. Within this open space, everything is harmoniously balanced and inclusive.
The intensity and subtlety of colors, the warmth of wood contrasting with the coolness of stone, the sleek lines of the furniture alongside the intricate strokes of the artwork, all make the space worth savoring.



dining space


The ambiance of tranquility
The bedroom, stripped of clutter, embraced by a delicate cream hue, exudes purity, elegance, and warmness. The leather emanates a comforting scent, shaping a soothing atmosphere in the room with its sensory appeal. Subtle hints of metal and glass illuminate the space, adding a touch of refinement that sets a unique tone.


Master bedroom

The children's room condenses the wonders of the world onto one wall and communicates them to children in a delightful and engaging manner. The light blue hues, ranging from light to deep, create a rich yet uncomplicated layering, accentuated by a touch of deep red, infusing the color palette with boundless vitality and passion.

kid‘s room


children's bed

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December 30, 2023 — Mark Ma