peaceful living room

Public spaces present different appearances at different times of the day. In the early morning, before the sunlight reaches here, the home is shrouded in a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Like a coastline with broad arms, there is a sofa, two blue wave chairs, and a white “island” standing among them, all embraced by a round rug


Minimalist livingroom

white sofa


In the afternoon, the sun illuminated the entire space, as well as every curve. These interconnected curves, starting from the entrance and extending from a high point, flowed continuously like waves. From top to bottom, an suspended wall was inserted, resembling a "sail" on the sea, gently lifted by the wind. Light sources were embedded at the connection between the ceiling and the wall, and a fireplace was installed below, enriching the spatial form with flickering light and shadows.


Afternoon corridor

 Decorative art on the wall is made up of various cuttings and collages of seas from all over the world, presenting different appearances. They can be dim and profound, calm as a mirror, hazy, or clear and transparent...

Hiroshi Sugimoto captures seascapes through his photography. To him, the sea remains unchanged by time. The tranquil atmosphere holds the flow and ever-changing potential energy, which embodies an Eastern Zen spirit. In those elusive moments lies the beauty of emptiness.


lounge chair

In the evening, everyone walks through the space, sometimes being obscured by the background wall, and sometimes appearing on the stairs at the corner. The space is lively and agile.


Our memories of home are always inseparable from the kitchen - the familiar flavors, the sight of mom, and moments of reunion. Even after many years, these are still the warmest moments in our memories. A pristine kitchen, gleaming with light, fresh flowers and fruits emitting a refreshing aroma.


minimalist kitchen



Woken up by the light, sitting in the master bedroom feels like sitting by the riverbank. The river water flows unchanged for ages, without visible ripples or the sound of the riverbank's impact. Occasionally, birds are seen skimming the surface before quickly disappearing. The sunlight at sunrise spills onto the water's surface, resembling dazzling gold.

white bedroom

lounge chair

quite bedroom

The entire bedroom was awakened by the morning light, with all the white covered in a gentle, pale yellow hue. Completely immersed in the soft beauty of the morning, Mrs. Liao opened the window, letting the river breeze sway the gauze curtain, causing the light to flicker. The sound of vehicles on the road also gradually came in, and a fresh new day arrived as scheduled. On this leisurely weekend, Mrs. Liao enjoyed sitting by the window, flipping through a book, savoring this invaluable moment without hurrying to prepare breakfast.



The study in the master bedroom and the three-story tea room are the heart of the male and female hosts. In the home, we have different roles; we are parents, spouses, and children, but we are also ourselves. A beautiful home not only requires companionship but also needs to create space where one can find solace and comfort. When we achieve inner peace and gentleness due to the environment, our dependency on space becomes stronger.


peaceful living room


 office desk


Home is like a harbor, providing a place for busy people to rest and allowing growing children to have a broadened perspective. It is both a place of relaxation and a source of motivation for life's struggles. Here, there are lights, books, tranquil partially bloomed flowers, and freshly grown lemon fruits. It opens its arms like a harbor, embracing those who return home, ensuring everlasting happiness.

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December 29, 2023 — Mark Ma