This project aims to create a stylish home atmosphere for a young family of five, providing a natural, comfortable, and poetic living space for their three children. The spacious living room occupies almost the entire space, adorned with designer armchairs and leather sofas, adding elegance and artistic charm.

designer armchairs

metal coffee table

Influenced by Eastern cultural styles, irregular metal coffee tables and wooden dining tables embellish the interior, creating a unique ambiance filled with Oriental elements alongside leather beds. Wood is the primary decorative material, while the original floor tiles are retained, establishing a neutral backdrop complemented by vibrant red accents, offering a tranquil and pleasant space for all family members.

leather sofa

leather sofa

In contrast to the static nature of the original concept, we focus on the dynamic characteristics of beauty and its perception. Beauty is not merely superficial but a sensory experience of time and space. In the space, designer armchairs and leather sofas contrast with irregular metal coffee tables and wooden dining tables, forming a strong color contrast, while curves and straight lines break the sense of isolation, fostering emotional relationships within the family.

coffee table

dining table

dining chair

dining room

By lyrically elevating straight lines, we project emotions onto furniture, allowing them to permeate. Furnishings are arranged with meticulous attention to detail, intertwining with each other, radiating vitality from within the space. The interaction between solidity and void creates a poetic rhythm.

dining room

corner table


The spatial narrative of everyday life unfolds at a suitable scale, slowly stretching in serene moments, cultivating an elegant and romantic artistic atmosphere. The concept of "self" is rooted in the boundaries of memory.

lerther bed



Today's childhood has transitioned from a "free era" to a "resume-building era." Through our spatial interventions, we hope to create a freely controllable area for children, fostering creative thinking and practicing empathy, providing them with a space for free growth, where they feel cared for and continuously progress.

children bed

children bedroom


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