This home design project aims to create a living space filled with a sense of design for a family. The designer  armchairs with unique design elements and minimalist beige leather sofas, bringing a distinctive artistic atmosphere to the spacious living room.


Beige Leather Sofa

The main furniture in the living room revolves around the designer armchairs and minimalist leather sofas, showcasing a simple yet elegant spatial aesthetic. The interplay of light and shadow combined with subtle colors creates a healing ambiance, allowing family members to enjoy life in warmth and tranquility.

Beige Leather Sofa and designer armchair

Beige Leather Sofa Chic

The minimalist leather sofa, with its soft beige hue, brings warmth and comfort to the entire living room with its understated design. Its elegant lines and soft texture complement the surrounding environment, creating a harmonious and unified space.

designer armchair

marble dining table

The kitchen adopts a simple black color scheme complemented by a minimalist-style beige marble dining table, creating a luxurious and comfortable dining space. Through meticulous furniture selection and design layout, each space exudes elegance and taste.


The master bedroom of the hotel-style suite integrates modern home aesthetics filled with natural comfort, where wooden bedside cabinets showcase both storage functionality and artistic flair. The island-style design not only adds storage space but also creates a cozier home atmosphere, embodying a relaxed and pleasant lifestyle.

master bedroom

brown leather bed

In the master bedroom design, the brown leather bed exudes Oriental elegance, complementing the green soft furnishings to inject a vivid splash of color into the space. Sunlight streaming through the windows casts a bright veil over the entire space, imparting a sense of lightness, romance, and comfort.

wooden nightstand



second bedroom


corner table

The children's room features fabric armchairs with soft materials and curved designs, creating a cozy and warm environment for children. Fresh colors and animal patterns from the forest ignite children's imagination, allowing them to grow freely under the shelter of greenery, filled with boundless joy and creativity.

fabric armchair




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April 16, 2024 — Z Z