The Enduring Legacy of Oriental Aesthetics: From the Everyday Practices of Playing Music, Perfuming, Flower Arranging, and Playing Chess to the Art of Tea, Now Synonymous with Poetic Elegance

living room



When light and shadow cast upon the texture of objects, it seems to touch every inch of the slowly flowing time. In the warm ambiance, the elegance of life unfolds naturally, with soft textures and simple structures. Artistic ornaments and furniture each have their own charm, complementing each other harmoniously.


coffee table


As family and friends gather around the round table, the slowly rising liveliness in life is enough to make one's heart "cook" with excitement.



In the fragrance of tea, one finds tranquility amidst the bustling urban energy.

outdoor table

corner table


At dawn and dusk, take a quiet moment to read a book or carve a small item, befriending the clouds and the light of the sky. Precious moments have their own serenity.

master bedroom



From the rounded jade lighting fixtures, landscape-patterned carpets, open walk-in closets to exquisite bathrooms, the master suite embodies Eastern aesthetics, showcasing elegance and grace. It cultivates a tranquil environment, ideal for a serene lifestyle.




boy room


As the phonograph spins, the tales of time within the vinyl records slowly unfold, revealing past adventures and pleasant memories, all encapsulated within the mellifluous melodies.

girl bed

girl bedroom

In the collision of soft pink mist and pure white, a dreamy and warm girl's room gradually takes shape. The designer uses artworks by the beloved artist Yoshitomo Nara as the theme, weaving a story of freedom and dreams throughout the space. Beyond visual colors, the space is also imbued with emotional hues, brimming with vibrant vitality.

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