A subject rich in detail and connotation,
Through meticulously designed elements and materials,
Showcasing a high-quality and elegant lifestyle.



corner table

Colors emanate unique charm, extending as a unified design element in space through the language of fluid forms, showcasing the uniqueness of the space.

tv console

luxury livingroom

coffee table

Cat climbing frame

Home is a spiritual island where one can place their body and mind, freely stretch out. It's a space that meets the living needs of young customers, creating a healing lifestyle scene of "two people, one cat, three meals, four seasons," and building a comfortable environment where joy and space coexist, and quality and comfort thrive together.

dining table

dining table


The kitchen is fully equipped with multifunctional capabilities, allowing for various cooking scenarios. With complete and meticulous storage solutions and high-quality kitchen appliances, family members can participate together in the preparation and cooking process, experiencing the warmth of home and the power of gathering.


Art is the personality of space. Paintings and installations expand the visual field of the corridor, adding beauty to the large warm and comfortable wooden walls, and performing elegance and grace in a steady atmosphere with understated style.

master bedroom



"Home" should embody inclusiveness and warmth through the harmonious coexistence of people, objects, space, and nature. Sensory emotions that enhance the atmosphere of the master bedroom, using materials inspired by nature, soft textiles, and romantic patterns, will make the private living space an ideal place for relaxation of body and mind.



Space is not just the accumulation of material, but also a presentation of cultural, artistic, and humanistic values. It represents a spiritual pursuit and attitude towards life. Meticulous materials and exquisite craftsmanship release the texture of life, injecting style and nobility into every finely decorated detail.

children bedroom

children bed

The girl's room is themed around Bubble Mart. With a simple and elegant color scheme of jumping warm yellow, chaotic abstract lines, finely crafted fabric chairs, dangling bedside glass lamp decorations, and exquisite bedding, the colors complement each other, creating a harmonious and delicate sense of beauty, revealing the delightful and lively essence of childhood. It's a space designed to foster fun, imagination, and vitality for children as they grow.

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