In the main color tones of black, white, and brown, exquisite luxury is carved into the texture, with Italian elegance and emotions slowly accumulating, outwardly revealing aesthetic beliefs, inwardly pleasing the idyllic state of mind, delicately interpreting contemporary urban luxury and emotions.

white sofa

The TV wall and the sofa background wall work together to redefine the spatial relationships, and the directional flow of lines is hinted everywhere, creating a sense of continuity and extension in the space. This design influences the expansion of the space from the inside out and the interweaving of the interior elegance.

coffee table

In a minimalist modern anchor design, by simply sketching with materials and colors, a unique rhythm and texture are created. A single hanging lamp pours down, highlighting the central focus of the living room.


The stone material splashed with a grand and elegant gesture, filled with the magnificence and elegance of Eastern lifestyle aesthetics; the storage compartment cabinet jumped out on the plane, telling of the order and wisdom of storage; a beam of light came in from time to time, breaking the silent atmosphere, creating infinite poetic charm in this space, where flow and creativity thrive.

TV cabinet

Fireworks are also high-quality, originating from the experience of homeowners who do not compromise on the quality of life. The simple and elegant Italian aesthetics translate the virtual concept of longing into concrete reality.

The blank space in the dining and kitchen area is implicit but not lacking in meaning, becoming a fuller and closer expression of the heart. The pendant light is like a bright moon in the sky, and combined with the elliptical stone dining table, it forms the perfect focal point of the space.

The linkage between indoor and outdoor spaces turns into multiple touch points on the ground floor, where the boundary between inside and outside communication is always flexible and boundary-free. In a more leisurely villa lifestyle, having a family entertainment space remains a cherished possession of the owner. The design doesn't need to rely on excessive decorations, but encapsulates a spiritual connection through simple language, fully expressing one's emotions and achieving a free and optimistic state of mind.
office chair

 The children's leisure area has become a turning point, which signifies the relationship between people and life on the one hand, and highlights the theme of the space centered around children on the other hand.

children room
yellow armchair

In the child-centered space block, the design logic of the two-layer children's room and study room returns to the essence of space for people and eliminates the conventional large-scale cute and lovely explicit tone. The black and white tone controls the main melody, and the brown tone sublimates the inner luxury, maintaining coherence with the overall style of the home. The small fun points on the details are self-evident without much further explanation.

office desk

The design should not be confined to traditional expressions, break the conventional spatial narrative structure, reorganize the inner desires, all needs and passions should be harmonious, the color tones should echo each other, the system should be clear, and life should be composed as a smooth and carefree poem.

master bedroom



The beauty of material and objects is the essence of fine art. The black grille is truly the highlight of the master bedroom, creating a sense of mystery while simultaneously defining and blurring the boundaries of the space.

The master bedroom, master bathroom, and dressing room interconnect freely yet maintain a sense of privacy and functionality. Each area has its own unique style, reflecting a multi-faceted charm within the room.

Alien armchair

The existence of a courtyard terrace is the epitome of modern urban relaxation. The glass fence cleverly connects the terrace with the outside world, allowing seamless permeation between the interior and exterior. Whether enjoying the natural scenery of the lake in the distance or overlooking the lush courtyard, one can take in the beauty of nature to the fullest.


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