he House of a gentleman is gentle and simple

coffee table and sofa

The natural materials such as warm wood, luxury stone and leather are selected in the space. The real and low-key texture influences the space in the change of sunlight and shadow.

coffee table



Awaken the sense experience of leisure in the city, to think, to precipitate, to feel the poetic floating life dream dwelling place.

white sofa

Ultra-long width of the viewing balcony for the space to bring a clear and transparent scale, indoor and outdoor scenery seamless integration.

leather sofa

The real depth of daily in the large and small, deep and shallow progressive tension, solidification to simple texture experience, and located in a corner of the space of art sculpture further anchor the art expression of the field.

dining table

As a continuation of the artistic style of space. Exquisite Cups and plates utensils, sculptural body of the flower to create a modern atmosphere of dining time, long dining table in the visual stretch of the spatial scale, to maintain the openness of the space.

dining room


Multipurpose Room

Texture metal frame orderly corner receive space. In the comfortable free life experience with the rich space imagination, easy in the comfortable joyful life enjoyment.

Looking inward, the space of interest has been transformed into a fast-paced exhibition hall, with a transparent tabletop for viewing.


The multi-functional experience scene, such as office, viewing, learning and relaxing, further fits the music field attribute of space communication interaction.



Hand-stitched stitched blankets, irregular geometric layering of the three-dimensional wall device, the collection of fragrance and make-up of the multi-functional display table cabinets...


Bedding, ornaments, utensils and other decoration will be rich texture color and natural lighting, infiltrate the scene of dream-building field, so that life return to pure living essence, congealed in the comfort and warmth of the temperament.


With the comfortable flowing out of the record player, it returns to the rich connotation of comfortable rest in the texture and condenses the poetic and romantic new life attitude.


desk and chair

For customers with different needs of home design, as the dominant space of the residents, stimulate the users desire to explore, desire to watch, to achieve flexible huxing and high-quality life comfort imagination.



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