coffee table

Caters to the life of the urban nouveau riche, the geometric lines of different household components in the clear, outlining the details of life and the sense of spatial levels, in the progressive return to the immersive experience of home life.


In the simple and mild texture field of wood, the migratory spatial layout brings a brand-new experience to meet the users long-term living habits.


The combination of sofas accompanied by the composition of the floor lamp, and family time in the warmth of accumulated.


Space has been given a luxury scale, LDK integration of the space form so that the function of practical composite one by one into reality.

white sofa

corner table

Full of fireworks pragmatic, with an eye to feel the warmth of the atmosphere of human fireworks.

dining chair

dining room

dining table

In the lingering fragrance of baking and food, the whole picture of life is painted-meals shared, seasons accompanied.


Feel the temperature of life, reset the vitality of art in the contemporary era, carrying the spirit of user collection of human settlements space to renew the background of the ideal innovation.


Attached to the healing power of nature, Pieris japonica and his carefully collected paper carvings express the undivided companionship of nature.

desk and chair

Under a corner of the window, the soft and comfortable single sofa is a witness to all this.

master bedroom


The balanced layout of three-bedroom households, so that the privacy of the residents lives in the rational distribution can be satisfied.


In a peaceful and comfortable field to complete the search for self, the temperature of space for residents to explore more ways of life, causing resonance.



The bay window is integrated with the dressing table.

Compatible with sleep, conversation, reading, make-up and other acts of the field, excavating the core of life.

Unified in the overall hues huxing, recreation space and texture meet.

The metope of opposite sex modelling and mirror surface receive ark to render the fashion and trend of space.



Under the soft color tone, the interest haunts immerses the life feeling to express in the minor detail.


If there's infringement, please contact for removal.



April 07, 2024 — Z Z