The dining and living areas are divided by function yet share the same space, achieving boundless communication and interaction, with emotions flowing within. It is an expression of art and, more importantly, a condensed embodiment of familial warmth.

white sofa




Simplify and eliminate clutter, returning openness and freedom to the view. Let light penetrate through the unfilled gaps, and within the perfect scale, touch the beauty of life.

coffee table


Without a doubt, the poetics of life are embedded within the texture of everyday. The rhythmic movements of artistic lighting fixtures, coupled with wooden dining tables, connect human warmth. Though days may seem mundane and fragmented, time gently intertwines, imbuing life with its own warmth.

dining chair

dining room

As time stretches on, eras rise and fall, and destinies shift, what falls onto the dining table are the inadvertent fragments and warmth. With each cup and dish, all natural and pure, we blend nature into life, seeking the romantic rituals that life should have amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

dining table


Resting grounds for daily life, the master bedroom revolves around tranquility and comfort, tenderly embracing the homeowner's existence, cultivating a serene ambiance.

Where the eye meets is pure white, and within reach is a warm, soothing texture, smoothing away the homeowner's troubles and thoughts upon returning home. In moments of absolute stillness, accompanied by the echoes of art, one savors the leisurely pace of everyday life, drifting lightly into dreams.


master bedroom


In the study, immerse yourself in light, air, and rain, allowing the soul to return to tranquility. Through the steady flow of serenity, open another chapter of life. In the sunshine-drenched afternoons, with a page of poetry and a cup of tea, return to the simple essence, listening to the sounds of nature in peaceful contentment.



The children's room feels like being immersed in lush nature, a garden filled with plants, where the essence of growth permeates indoors and outdoors alike.

Within this small space, children find their own tranquility. Sunlight filters through the leaves, illuminating every detail indoors.

children bedroom

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