In the living room, beneath the minimalist base colors, comfort and elegance coexist, with black and white tones creating a contrast of light and shadow, overlapping to fully experience the spatial layers. The sleek lines of the gray leather straight sofa at the center of the living room collide with soft curves.
gray straight sofa
The smooth and delicate gray leather of the straight sofa offers a comfortable touch. Its straight design enhances the sense of cleanliness and orderliness in the space. While this design may not be extravagant, it showcases exquisite craftsmanship and quality in the details.
leather straight sofa
During use, one would discover that this gray straight sofa is more than meets the eye. It incorporates considerations for comfort, ergonomic design, and meticulously selected materials, reflecting a pursuit of quality.


The clean lines and deep tones of the gray leather straight sofa add a sense of stability and taste to the entire space.
gray leather sofa

gray leather straight sofa
Under the backdrop of minimalist base colors, the gray leather straight sofa, with its unique charm and exquisite craftsmanship, becomes a unique landscape in the living room space.

leather straight sofa
Every piece of furniture in the space is important, from the marble dining table to the woven dining chairs, each enhancing the personality of the other.
dining room

dining table
The master bedroom, with its cotton and linen base, features a classic and fashionable white cotton and linen sofa, creating a natural and gentle atmosphere that emphasizes comfort for sleep. The suspended ceiling with atmospheric lighting adds to the pure tranquility.

fabric sofa

The walk-in closet utilizes compartmentalized storage, and the leather countertop on the island not only prevents slipping but also allows for the convenient placement of watches and accessories, offering versatility.
Compared to the master bedroom's stability and heaviness, the daughter's room features refreshing neutral colors that exude vitality and lightness. The curved suspended ceiling, complemented by ambient lighting, creates a dreamy living scene.
daughter's room


At night, one can visit the media room for a movie night or head to the study to find oneself among the books. The black wooden bookshelf with built-in LED lights adds to the atmospheric ambiance.

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