Living Room: Exploring the possibilities brought by different materials, the overall color scheme is a cool gray and black tone. The gray leather sofa and black carpet create a calm and restrained atmosphere, while the metallic coffee table adds a touch of modernity to the home.
gray leather sofa and coffee table

gray leather sofa
This gray leather sofa features a square design with crisp lines, showcasing a simple and elegant aesthetic. Beneath its tough exterior is soft polyurethane foam, providing excellent support and comfort. Whether sitting or reclining, the gray leather sofa offers a highly comfortable experience.
leather sofa
The choice of a gray leather sofa perfectly matches the overall tone of the living room, complementing the depth of the black carpet and contrasting with the modern feel of the metallic coffee table, adding layers and richness to the space.
gray leather sofa
Overall, this gray leather sofa not only blends seamlessly with the living room's cool gray and black tones in appearance but also meets the demands for comfort and functionality. Its presence highlights a unique taste within the minimalist and modern style of space.

coffee table
Dining Area: A marble tabletop paired with distressed brass table legs gives a touch of vintage flavor. The delicate sheen of the metalware sparkles enchantingly under the light.
Dining Area

dining table

dining car
Island Area: Dark tones are used, complemented by translucent black acrylic petal bar stools, exuding a mysterious and sophisticated vibe.
Island Area

bar stools
The sliding door design allows the kitchen area to be opened or closed, meeting the need for separation.
Master Bedroom: The headboard wall in the master bedroom is presented in a block combination form, and the wide brown bed satisfies both aesthetics and practicality.
Master Bedroom


Master Bathroom: Catering to the residents' preference for dark tones, the suspended stone slab countertop offers more free storage space below.
Master Bathroom
Boy's Room: The boy's room adopts deep blue and low-saturation blue-gray tones as the main color scheme. The cleverly designed nest bed adds a lot of fun to the child's sleep experience. The surrounding foldable cushions can be shaped into various forms, turning the bed into a space filled with a sense of security and privacy.
boy's room

corner table


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